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 On foot or by Canoe

Advice article: dealing with hot weather on DofE expeditions

With the summers getting hotter, we've decided to add a little extra advice- this may be helpful for parents as well as participants to consider- small measures can improve expedition success and participant health massively. 

Pre -expedition
Have a meal that is high in carbohydrates the night before, and drink plenty of fluids to pre-hydrate. A good night's sleep before your expedition will also help your concentration levels. Consider what food to pack and rucksack weight. If you have reduced your pack as much as possible and are still concerned at the start of the expedition, ask your supervisor for suggestions on how to lighten the load or improve rucksack fit to make it easier to carry. Take a hat to keep the sun off your head, and if you have them, sun glasses. Remember to turn up with at least 2 litres of water in your bag.

During the expedition
Take breaks in the shade, and sip water regularly at each stop. Find shaded places to rest between checkpoints, particularly if your checkpoint is likely to have little shade. It's better to take on a little bit of water at a time so your body can absorb it. Consider electrolyte tablets or isotonic drinks to help replace lost minerals and improve absorption of water. 
Take every opportunity to refill your water bottle- it's better to carry more than you need than it is to run out. Our staff can top up your water (this is the only thing we're allowed to give you!) but you need to let us know in advance if you want us to meet you in a certain place. Refills are in addition to, not a replacement for, carrying 2 litres- on a really hot day you should be drinking 3.5 to 4 litres. 
Don't be afraid of a wild wee- your body needs to flush toxins out, and holding it in can make you feel unwell and stop you from drinking as much as you need to. 
Graze on snacks throughout the day, eating a mix of carbohydrates and proteins, with a few sugary snacks to give you an extra boost when you really need it. For slow paced activity like walking with your rucksack, your body needs fuel that will sustain you through the day at a steady pace, like sandwiches, wraps, or naans, more than a quick hit of sugar.
On arrival at camp, keep sipping that water! Consider where you will pitch your tent and whether you start with just the outer up for shade, or whether you can pitch it in the shade so the inner doesn't get too hot. 

You may wish to leave earlier in the morning to avoid walking in the hottest part of the day- speak to your supervisor or assessor about departure times. 

After the expedition
Keep taking on plenty of fluids and some salty snacks to replace lost minerals. Rest, and give yourself time to recover- your body has been pushed hard for a continued period of time, it's probably the furthest you've ever walked with the heaviest bag you've ever carried more than a few metres. Celebrate your achievements!

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Rich Adventure is a family-based company based in the midlands, delivering outdoor activities across the country to individuals, schools, clubs and corporate groups. We offer a range of courses from single day activities to multi day expeditions. All our products and courses are mouldable to your needs.

As we are not tied to a single location, we are able to source accommodation and facilities in areas that are geographically suited to our clients- whether you’re after somewhere close to home to reduce travel time for a coach full of excited children, or an adventure that allows for a remote wild camping experience in close proximity to climbing and canoeing venues, we can find a site to meet your needs for the duration of your stay with us.

What’s more, not having a permanent centre allows us to keep our running costs as low as possible, passing on huge savings to you!

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We really are a family business

Pete, Catherine and Claire (pictured) are Team Rich Adventure. With a strong team of freelancers, we plan, organise and run our courses from start to finish.

This 'personal touch' means we know what's been promised at the point of booking, and work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality experiences. 

Pete brings drive and motivation, and a great sense of organisation to get things off the ground and run our courses flawlessly.

Claire is the academic one, tackling most of the paperwork, from finance to marketing and checking route cards. She gets out of the office wherever possibly for fresh air, exercise and a bit of coaching. 

Catherine keeps things fun and exciting, keeping us on our toes and engaging our clients on a different level. She is a real independent adventurer!

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