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Open expeditions and Covid-19

We are pleased to announce that Rich Adventure will be able to resume a small number of open expeditions this summer. This page is designed to provide as much information as possible regarding what we will put in place to reduce the risk of Coronavirus to our participants and staff.

We can provide one tent per person; If you have your own tent that you can use this would be preferable to assist with disinfection/rotation of equipment (waterproof tent fabrics don't like disinfectant, so tents need to be left 5 days between use by different people). 

We can also provide one stove per person if desired, and cover in the training ways of cooking together with a reduction in risk of cross contamination.

Map cases, maps and route cards will be 1 per person for walking expeditions, 1 set per boat for canoe expeditions, to allow everyone to be involved in navigation without needing to crowd around a map. 

You'll have access to some of our online training modules and route planning support, in order to cover some of the training and planning remotely and reduce the amount of face to face training. 

Canoe expeditions:

We provide all training required for novices to complete our canoe expeditions. The team will be trained in manual handling, paddling skills and rescue skills, and take part in some accompanied journeying before they are off on their own. The seats in our canoes are more than 2 metres apart, and the skills taught will be done with distancing in mind; it is possible to maintain at least 1 metre distance even whilst holding the canoe steady for someone to get in or out, and even while rescuing them from the water should they capsize. 


Should you need to cancel due to isolation or coronavirus restrictions, you will be offered a place on alternative dates or a refund. Our standard policy for all illness or emergency cancellations is to offer alternative dates or a refund of all moneys held by ourselves; this may occasionally mean loss of up to £25 in pre paid campsite fees (most of our campsites will only charge us for the number that attend, but some require non refundable payment in advance). We hope that all expeditions should be able to go ahead as planned, but please bear in mind there is a minimum team size of 4, so if team numbers drop below this due to cancellations we would need to rearrange the expedition. Where possible we will add individuals to existing teams rather than having 2 smaller teams to reduce the risk of cancellation. 

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