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Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expeditions: How we use your details

The consent form is designed and provided by Rich Adventure, who are the DofE Approved Activity Provider being used to run the expedition section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We gather your information from our online consent form, and submitted information is stored on an encrypted, password protected cloud and then downloaded into a spreadsheet on a password protected laptop. 

Your email address is used as a means to send you a confirmation on receipt of the form, and give us a method of proving identification in case of a data access request. 

We require the participant's medical information in order to allow us to provide appropriate risk management and support during their expeditions and training, and in case of an emergency, and to provide correct details to medical professionals to allow effective treatment. 


eDofE numbers will be shared with DofE, when input into the DofE website to complete the participant’s assessor report. (The website will then match/ confirm the participant name for that eDofE number from their records). Without the eDofE registration number we are unable to submit an assessor report for the participant. We may request any missing eDofE numbers from the school in order to complete the assessor's reports. 

Names, eDofE numbers and medical details will be shared with the instructors working with the specific team on a confidential, need to know basis. 

For some expeditions we have to submit additional paperwork to the DofE, giving the name, eDofE number, and age of participant along with expedition dates and locations, for expeditions in wild country or by canoe to be approved, prior to an expedition. For expeditions run specifically for school or youth groups, the organisation may also need to share this information with the council for expedition approval, along with routes and staff information. We will provide this information to the relevant organisations as required. 

For expeditions where a variation to the 20 conditions is required, further information including medical justification for the adjustments needs to be submitted to the DofE. We are happy to discuss the details to be given for individual participants, but cannot provide a copy of the completed form for viewing without the consent of other team members, as their details will be on the same form.

Names, date of birth and eDofE numbers will be held by Rich Adventure as a record of attendance for each course, along with any accident/ incident paperwork and record of medical details given, until the last participant in a group has turned 22, as per our legal obligation.

Submitted information will be downloaded in a table form, saved to our password secured encrypted cloud storage, and a printed copy issued to the staff working with the relevant team, which will be returned to us at the end of each expedition and stored securely until shredded at the first opportunity after the expedition. We may also share information provided with accompanying school staff for school expeditions, if there appears to be a discrepancy between the medical information held between us and them, as they hold pastoral responsibility for care overnight. 

We do not make automated decisions or profiling based on the data we hold. 

Our Data Protection Officer is Claire Rich, and any requests to access, delete or correct data held can be made by contacting or using our website contact form, and will be processed within one calendar month from the date of the request. 

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