TGAS Information page Silver 2021

This page has all the links relevant to Tudor Grange Academy Solihull DofE teams. We're looking forward to running safe, successful expeditions for you, and we've provided some extra info on the slight changes to your program.

E-learning info

You should be able to access the e-learning via the links above, or by downloading the time to know app. If using the app, you'll need to enter account name richadventure above your username and password. The web address, if you want to save it for coming back, is 

If you have any issues with the above links or content not working please let me know either via messages on the e-learning platform or live chat on this page, and I'll do my best to rectify any issues promptly or give you access to the content via an alternative platform.

Your route cards for planning your qualifying expedition are accessible via the links below.

Qualifier locations and timings

Drop off on the 16th July by 9am:

Castle Ring car park, Holly lane, Cannock WS15 4RN

Campsite: Springslade Lodge, Camp Rd, Cannock WS12 4PT

For those choosing not to camp, please aim to collect around 8pm and drop off by 7.30am the following morning. All participants will be expected to cook dinner and to have breakfast with their team. As participants will be sharing 3 person tents between 2 participants and single occupancy is not permitted under local authority rules, we have some larger tents available for the groups we have identified as needing to share with odd numbers. If you have decided not to camp please let us know no later than 10th July so that we can ensure appropriate tents are available for all teams.  


Collection on the 18th:

Milford common car park

Brocton Rd, Milford, Stafford ST17 0UH

Teams should be finished by approximately 4pm; please be aware that on return to site they will need to return borrowed equipment, debrief with their assessor and sign out with school staff before they are allowed to leave. Teams must plan and complete at least 7 hours of planned activity each day. If they have struggled with navigation or encountered any issues along their route, their finish time may be delayed.