QEGS Information page  Silver October 2021

This page has all the links relevant to your silver qualifying expedition. We're looking forward to running safe, successful expeditions for you. More information will be added to this page as we get closer to the expedition.

E-learning info

The e-learning modules provided are designed as a resource to refer back to if you have forgotten or missed any of the training from your bronze. They are not compulsory for all participants, though as part of the 20 conditions of assessment you must be able to evidence sufficient training and expedition skills, so if you missed part of the training or want to go through one of the sections again for a bit of extra help and a different delivery style, this is the place to look.  You should be able to access the e-learning via the links above, or by downloading the time to know app. If using the app, you'll need to enter account name richadventure above your username and password. The web address, if you want to save it for coming back, is richadventure.echo.timetoknow.com 

If you have any issues with the above links or content not working please let me know either via messages on the e-learning platform or live chat on this page, and I'll do my best to rectify any issues promptly.

Your route cards for planning your qualifying expedition are accessible via the links below