Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition booking and  consent form
Open Expeditions 2021
Expedtion Dates:

Note: we may ask you to complete an additional form to give us more concise information should we need to adapt the expedition to suit your needs. 

Photos/ videos of the participant, without their name, can be (please select all that apply):

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Safety & Participation statement

Adventurous activities are potentially hazardous, with a danger of personal injury. Rich Adventure employs only instructors, supervisors and assessors who hold the relevant qualifications for the activities undertaken during the expedition. To enable Rich Adventure to manage risks effectively, participants must agree to acknowledge the need for responsible behaviour, and that the instructor’s word is final on matters of safety. Staff will provide participants with safety training and equipment and ensure that the team can demonstrate competence in their mode of transport and how to deal with an emergency situation before the unaccompanied element of any expedition. Equipment provided by Rich Adventure, whether for group use or team use, will be signed out to individual team members to take responsibility for. Any equipment damaged or lost through negligence will be charged for the cost to replace or repair to the individual. The nature of any expedition relies on teamwork to ensure each other’s safety until external help can be sought; the expeditions are unaccompanied and teams are self-sufficient, with supervisors meeting each team a few times a day and at camp. 

Information sharing

I understand that Rich Adventure staff working directly with the team will receive details of any medical conditions the participant has, and any medication they are taking, in order to manage risks effectively and support the participant in undertaking their activities in a safe manner. This information will be shared on a need-to-know basis. For more details of how the information in this form will be used, please click here

Medical Treatment

Rich Adventure staff are all first aid trained and equipped to deal with a variety of issues. If a situation occurs where external medical support is required, parents will be contacted as soon as reasonably practical, and informed verbal consent sought prior to administration of any medication or NHS treatment, unless in a life or death emergency or immediate pain relief is required (administered by those licenced to do so). 

Covid 19 Awareness and screening questions

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Thank you for your booking, we look forward to running your expedition!